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YouTube Ads Audit Checklist
To maximize the return on your ad spend with YouTube Ads, it's important to conduct an audit. A well-executed audit will provide insights into the performance of your campaigns and highlight areas for improvement. This template makes the audit process easier and more streamlined for your brand, helping you to optimize your advertising efforts and get the best results possible.
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Twitter Ads Audit Checklist
Conducting a Twitter audit is a valuable step in maximizing the effectiveness of your social media presence. Through this process, you can gain valuable insights into your account's performance, including engagement rates, growth trends, and areas for improvement. This information can help you to fine-tune your social media strategy, reach a larger audience, and ultimately drive better results for your brand. Additionally, an audit is an opportunity to ensure that your Twitter messaging and branding align with your overall marketing efforts, helping you to create a consistent and cohesive image for your brand.
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Snapchat Ads Audit Checklist
A Snapchat Ads audit assesses the effectiveness of your social media strategy on Snap. It identifies strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Upon completion, the audit provides the information necessary to optimize your strategy for better results.
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Programmatic Audit Checklist
A programmatic audit evaluates the effectiveness of your video and display advertising efforts across multiple accounts and networks. It identifies strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Upon completion, the audit provides the information needed to optimize your programmatic strategy for better results.
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Pinterest Ads Audit Checklist
A Pinterest audit examines your account and strategy to determine changes for maximum impact. It assesses all aspects of your account and content. Regular audits are essential for boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of your Pinterest strategy and should be scheduled annually.
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Meta Ads Audit Checklist
A Facebook ads account audit is a crucial but time-consuming task for ensuring the success of your paid advertising strategy. It helps reduce wasted budget and identifies opportunities for improvement. By analyzing key areas such as account structure, tracking, targeting, creative, and reporting, the audit provides valuable insights into your Facebook campaigns and allows for informed decision making. The results of the audit eliminate guesswork and increase confidence in managing your paid social media strategy. Organize the audit process by focusing on each key aspect for a thorough and effective review
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Google Ads Audit Checklist
Conducting a Google Ads account audit is a crucial step in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of your advertising efforts. By thoroughly analyzing various aspects of your account, such as keywords, ad placements, targeting strategies, and conversion tracking, the audit provides insights into areas that need improvement. The results of the audit can be used to optimize your campaigns and improve your return on investment (ROI). Regular audits are necessary for staying ahead of the competition and maintaining a successful advertising presence on the Google Ads platform.
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Data and Tech Infrastructure Audit Checklist
Conduct a marketing data and tech infrastructure audit to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. The audit helps uncover potential issues and assess the effectiveness of current systems. Upon completion, you'll have the information needed to optimize your data and technology infrastructure for maximum results.
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Creative Audit Checklist
A creative audit provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts and helps identify opportunities for growth. The review covers various elements such as messaging, visual design, and tone, and provides actionable recommendations for enhancing the overall impact of your creative. Regular creative audits are essential for staying ahead of the competition, building stronger brand identity, and increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. The results of the creative audit can also inform future creative and campaign planning efforts.
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Amazon Ads Audit Checklist
This Amazon PPC performance checklist offers a comprehensive examination of your advertising strategy, providing you with the insights necessary to drive substantial improvement. The checklist covers various aspects of your Amazon PPC campaign, such as keyword selection, ad placement, target audience, budget allocation, and reporting. By thoroughly evaluating these elements, you can identify areas for improvement, optimize your advertising efforts, and achieve greater results. In addition to the benefits outlined above, this Amazon PPC performance checklist can also help you stay organized, reduce wasted ad spend, and stay ahead of the competition. Regular use of this checklist can help ensure ongoing success in your Amazon PPC advertising efforts.
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Paid Social Media Plan Template
A marketing media plan outlines the channels used to distribute content and the frequency of its release. It is a roadmap for implementing a marketing strategy and ensuring that the message reaches the target audience. The purpose of the plan is to deliver the message effectively over time, and this template provides guidelines for creating an optimal media plan that incorporates industry best practices.
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Google Ads Reporting Template
This Google Ads report template includes key metrics such as impressions, clicks, CTR, conversion rate, cost per conversion, and more. It also provides an overview of campaign performance, audience insights, and opportunities for optimization. With this template, you can quickly and easily provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of their Ads performance and results.
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Naming Convention (Taxonomy)
This naming convention template offers best practices and expert insights to help you streamline your reporting, enhance analytics, and gain more control over automation. With this template, you'll have ready-to-use naming examples for all your paid media channels, making it easier to organize and analyze your data.
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Media Briefing Template
A well-written campaign brief serves as a roadmap for your biddable digital marketing efforts, clearly outlining your goals, target audience, budget, and desired outcomes. It should include the following key elements:
  1. Objectives: Clearly state your marketing and business objectives for the campaign.
  2. Target audience: Define your target audience, including demographic, geographic, and psychographic information.
  3. Budget: Specify the budget allocated for the campaign, including media spend and estimated costs for creative development and production.
  4. Timing: Outline the start and end dates of the campaign, as well as any key milestones or deadlines.
  5. Channel strategy: Identify the biddable channels to be used and the strategies for each channel, including targeting, ad formats, messaging, and measurement.
  6. Creative direction: Provide guidance on the overall creative direction for the campaign, including messaging, tone, and visual elements.
  7. Performance metrics: Outline the key performance metrics to be used to measure the success of the campaign, such as reach, engagement, conversions, and ROI.
By using a campaign brief, you can ensure that all stakeholders, from the planning team to the activation team, are aligned on the goals and expectations for the biddable digital marketing campaign.
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Biddable Activation QA Template
This template helps you ensure that your platform activation aligns with your media plan and follows best practices for the chosen channel. This includes verifying the following:
  • Objective alignment: Ensure that the platform activation supports the overall marketing and business objectives outlined in the media plan.
  • Channel optimization: Check that the activation follows best practices for the chosen channel, such as ad format, targeting, and messaging.
  • Budget allocation: Verify that the budget allocated for the platform activation aligns with the media plan and is being used effectively.
  • Performance metrics: Ensure that performance metrics, such as reach, engagement, and conversions, are being tracked and used to optimize the activation.
By following this template, you can ensure that your platform activation is consistent, effective, and aligned with your overall media strategy.
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