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Download Guides and Templates containing best practices and processes tested by the best marketing agencies in the world. Discover the library containing proven templates to help you with your Digital Marketing activities such as Search, Social Media, Content Marketing, Planning, Optimisation, Reporting and much more.
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YouTube Ads Audit Checklist
If you are running YouTube Ads you will want to make sure they are creating the maximum Return on Your Ad Spend as possible. This template will show you how easy it is to get your YouTube Ads Audit for your brand.
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Twitter Ads Audit Checklist
The purpose of a Twitter audit? Uncover potential issues with your account while assessing what’s working and not.  An audit can quickly clue you in on low-hanging opportunities to reach your audience if you're trying to get more followers on Twitter. And if nothing else, an audit is an easy way to ensure that your brand’s Twitter messaging and branding are all up-to-date.
8 €
Snapchat Ads Audit Checklist
A Snapchat Ads audit is a process used to measure the success of your social strategy across Snap. An audit identifies your strengths, weaknesses, and the next steps needed to improve. After an audit, you’ll have everything you need to optimise your strategy.
6 €
Programmatic Audit Checklist
A programmatic audit is a process used to measure the success of your video and display strategy across accounts and networks. An audit identifies your strengths, weaknesses, and the next steps needed to improve. After an audit, you’ll have everything you need to optimise your programmatic strategy.
8 €
Pinterest Ads Audit Checklist
A Pinterest audit is a review of your Pinterest account and strategy. It looks at all the different components that make up your account and content to determine what changes need to be made to make the biggest impact. It’s the best way to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your Pinterest strategy! Audits are an absolute necessity and something every serious Pinterest user should add to their yearly calendar.
6 €
Meta Ads Audit Checklist
Performing an audit of your Facebook ads account can feel like an exhaustive exercise but it's critical to the ongoing success of your paid advertising strategy. More importantly, it can help reduce the wasted budget. The audit aims to uncover opportunities to improve performance and identify areas that are working well. The results of this review will take the guesswork out of your Facebook campaigns and give you confidence in managing your paid social strategy. Breaking down your audit into key sections—account structure, tracking, targeting, creative, and reporting—will allow you to dig deep and stay organised. All of these aspects work together to determine the outcome of your campaigns.
6 €
Google Ads Audit Checklist
A Google Ads account audit is the process of evaluating the effectiveness of your accounts.An audit can reveal painful hidden issues that need to be addressed. Once you’ve identified these issues, you can improve your account's overall health and performance.
11 €
Data and Tech Infrastructure Audit Checklist
Uncover potential issues with your Marketing Data and Tech Infrastructure while assessing what’s working. An audit identifies your strengths, weaknesses, and the next steps needed to improve your Infrastructure. After an audit, you’ll have everything you need to optimise your Data and Tech Infrastructure.
7 €
Creative Audit Checklist
A creative audit is an in-depth analysis of existing creative/campaigns. The audit allows strategists to address pain points and move creatively towards their maximum potential.
6 €
Amazon Ads Audit Checklist
This checklist can provide the in-depth insight you need to improve your Amazon PPC performance significantly.
8 €
Paid Social Media Plan Template
A marketing media plan is a tool devised as a result of selecting the channels for content distribution and establishing its frequency. It is a visual aid to help content marketers implement their marketing strategy. The purpose of creating a media plan is to deliver the message to the target audience over time and to determine the most effective ways of doing it. Using this template, you can build a media plan that follows all best practices.  
15 €
Google Ads Reporting Template
What should be included in a client's Google Ads report? A surprisingly common question asked by many companies. Creating a report from scratch for each client can be time-consuming and intimidating. This template provides you with a starting point for future reports. For each new client, you can begin with the template and customise it to create an Ads report meeting the specific needs of that client.
20 €
Biddable Naming Convention
A well-crafted naming convention provides powerful ways to filter and group reports, improves analytics, and gives granular control over what gets affected by automation. In this template, I collected some of the best practices and supercharged them with my experience in marketing to give you ready-to-use naming examples for all paid media channels.
9 €
Biddable Briefing Template
Template to help you build a brief for all biddable channels to help the communication between planning and activation. Could you communicate and plan your digital marketing goals and objectives with a campaign brief? It's an effective way to provide structure, guidance and direction to achieve your desired outcome.
12 €
Biddable Activation QA Template
Template to help you double-check your platform's activation ensuring alignment with the media plan and channel's best practices.
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