my name is Giovanni.

I am a proud Italian who traded in his gelato for fish and chips in London.

I've explored the industry from all angles. I've worked in media agencies like IPG Mediabrands, Publicis and Omnicom Media, then moved to the client-side where I now lead E-Commerce Media Europe at Lipton.

But that's not all. I work with universities and share my knowledge with the next generation of marketing geniuses.

Experiencing marketing processes and dynamics at different levels (Agency, Client and University) gave me a 360° view of the daily challenges students, and professionals face. From these learnings, the idea to come up with a hybrid: an always updated e-Book platform that provides Extra Resources to facilitate the application of the theory.

There are three challenges I want to face

Keep up with the evolution of Marketing.

The industry's incredibly fast-paced evolution inevitably leads books on the subject to become obsolete quite quickly. This website is an “evergreen” manual that constantly evolves, like digital marketing. You'll get the latest news, best practices and suggestions in this website e-Book.

Filling the gap between University and Industry.

The tools made available by most online advertising platforms can lead to confused information and often need to be supported by additional instructions. I want to facilitate the learning path of students who approach this world.

Filling the gap between Traditional and Digital Marketing Management.

Marketing managers often struggle with staying up-to-date with the latest trends and adopting a digital-first approach while analyzing reports and planning for digital marketing. This can lead to various challenges that arise between marketing managers and their media agency or internal activation team.

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